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About Us



Superior Haven was founded in 2009 at Hong Kong where in production of quality commercial and residential kitchen was its first primary business. Consisting of highly-trained technicians and motivated team members, Superior Haven has built its own collection line mastering all forms of modern furnishing elements, classic and contemporary modular kitchen.


Superior Haven garnered an excellent reputation from its clients and has increased the demand for technical support. We have comprehensive grasp of international trade, logistic operations and practices around the world. As part of business expansion, our company ventures into importation and distribution of furniture that has superior quality with highly competitive form and price.

One of the most important role of our company is we effectively coordinate with over 20 manufacturers to ensure each piece of furniture is guided carefully starting from experimenting designs through finishing phases, ensuring outstanding product quality and delivery to clients on a given time.

As part of the success of every project, we encourage our clients to actively participate in the on-going decisions and to visit the factory during the construction process.

Although the company is young in years yet we are mature in experience.

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