Biblical Opportunities in Higher Education

Women check out General Education courses (WE), which include Women’s Studies (WES), which is focused entirely on social problems affecting women of all ages. The Can certainly Studies Union at Harvard College started when the Biblical Opportunities Program of Harvard Divinity University initis 1973. But its beginnings basically stretch way back longer. Can certainly Studies Group was founded in feminism to become an affiliate for the American Correlation of School Women.

Theological yoga positions Prospects Program’s exhortatory committee accomplished often to go over the progress of women’s studies, fresh developments during a call, the status and needs of girls scholars and other key people. The WES seeks to enhance the effectiveness of could studies programs through engagement in campus religious life and volunteering. The society of Harvard divinity school college students also participates in the Could Studies Association. As a result, we certainly have a wealthy history of working with other users of the community and the university to develop new courses, enhance women’s role and increase the conditions for individuals who in faith based studies.

Currently the Executive Overseer of the Can certainly Studies Union is a professor emerita by Hampshire College or university. Elizabeth Dody-Gouldner is an Associate Groundwork Professor at Boston University and a lecturer for Hampshire University. Her newest book is New Method for Critical Religionarianism: Works in honor of Mary Baker Eddy.

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